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A Special Hybrid Needs Special Forklift Parts

It took some time to develop the parts for the Prius so it's understandable that Toyota needed equal time to develop special forklift parts for the world's first internal combustion-electric hybrid lift truck. An IC-electric hybrid forklift is not a simple matter of putting two systems side by side in the same vehicle. Adjustments are…

How Has the Worldwide Recession Affected Engineering?

The global economic recession that reared its ugly head towards the end of 2007 and which has yet to be vanquished has racked the nerves of professionals in all industries, and the engineering industry is no exception. Engineers today are quite concerned about their personal prospects and the overall state of the field, and what…

Maintenance Training Substantiation and Training Budgeting

Maintenance Training Substantiation & Training Budgeting for Facility and Plant Management The president of Motorola once told his management team that all employees would be required to complete no less than 40 hours of training each year. A high-level manager raised his hand and asked, “But what if we train them and they leave our…

Who Invented The First Compaction Roller?

A compaction roller is an item of construction equipment used to compact surfaces such as concrete, soil, gravel or macadam during the construction of foundations and roads. They are also used for landfill compaction, typically with a sheepsfoot roller pattern with the aim to achieve a compacted surface over and above a smooth one. Compaction…

Are Wind Turbine Step-Up Transformers the Weak Link in the Wind Energy Supply Chain?

In the rush to cash-in on wind energy, developers are often trading low first costs for higher total costs of ownership to be shouldered later by the wind farm owners and operators. Converting wind energy to electrical power is the fastest growing segment of the US energy sector. Today, wind energy represents less than 5%…

Rapid Prototyping Technologies Enhance Innovation Opportunity

For those involved in product development, engineering, and other form-giving applications, rapid prototyping (RP) technology can offer an excellent deliverable for various applications. Prototyping can be used for concept generation, ergonomic testing, test fitting, functional testing and even small-batch production. There are various rapid prototyping technologies available for use including Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography…

ETP Copper in Magnets

When you think of common uses for copper, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Pipes, certainly. Wiring, maybe. But magnets? Probably not. Interestingly enough, however, copper does play a significant role in magnets. And the reason for this has to do with the high conductivity of the metal. Just how well does copper…

Biocides In Textile

Any unwanted modification in the properties of a material brought about by the essential actions of organisms is called Bio-deterioration. Present article is concerned with the degeneration of textile materials produced by microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, and the solutions to avert or reduce their effects. Not all failures of materials by microorganisms are unwanted….

Innovation and Imagination Blossom in the Age of Sustainability

At first blush, the scenario seems surreal, counter-intuitive and impossible. A 70-ton US Army M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank crossing a bridge constructed entirely of composite plastic looks both sheep folly and a recipe for disaster. The reality is, unquely though it seems, the world's first such bridge exists at Fort Bragg, NC and the…

Magnesium Alloy – Strength in Natural Disasters

Over a month after the earthquake and tsunami tore through Japan, the focus is on building temporary shelters for the displaced. The temporary structures must be able to withstand the aftershocks that have ravaged the country since the big earthquake. Fortunately, new products made of magnesium and magnesium alloy have made the homes and even…

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