If you need molding service, Chinese plastic molding company is one of the best choices, we will teach you how to Choose a Chinese Plastic Molding Company.

The trend in Global Plastic Molding Industry

The global molded plastics market size is estimated to be USD 283.54 billion in the year 2016. The increasing spending powers in most emerging economies is further estimated to fuel the demand for plastic molding.

The leading use of plastic molding was in packaging application with a total of 43,385 kilotons of net demand in 2016. The market is expected to witness the highest growth in medical devices and components sector with an estimated CAGR of more than 6%.

The Asia-Pacific region generates the highest demand for plastic molded products and accounted for 37% of the total global demand in 2016.

The plastic injection molding industry has experienced significant changes over time. One of the latest trends in the industry is automation.

This will lead to automated robots handling the entire process which will ensure more speed, accuracy, and adaptability in the manufacturing process.

There is an endeavor to be eco-friendly and sustainable. The new machinery is highly efficient and uses 20-50% lesser energy.

The manufacturing process has also become very efficient and there is less scrap produced in manufacturing. Outsourcing has come up as another important trend in the plastic molding business.

The clients are outsourcing their manufacturing needs to countries like China which provides them to manufacture faster and at lower costs.


China’s Contribution to the Plastic Molding Industry

China has contributed immensely to the global plastic molding industry. It remains the largest market in the world for plastic molding and a key driver of the plastic industry.

Chinese plastic molding companies offer a variety of benefits to their clients. They not only offer the benefit of cost-effective manufacturing due to cheaper labor rates, but they also offer high-quality products at this price point.

They have access to a vast pool of qualified and skilled workforce which is readily available for deployment. This ensures that the Chinese plastic molding companies can meet the client’s production demand and manage the schedule efficiently.

They also provide faster prototyping to the clients and the flexibility to quickly scale the production up or down, over and above the minimum order quantity.

With a perfect blend of quality and competitive pricing, the Chinese plastic mold companies are popular the world over.


Advantages of Chinese Plastic Molding Factory

Chinese plastic molding companies have become very competitive and offer great value to the clients.

The access to the latest manufacturing infrastructure, skilled workforce, and cheap labor have turned China into one of the most sought-after destinations for plastic mold manufacturing.

The Chinese plastic mold companies provide various benefits and incentive to the clients. Some of the important benefits of choosing Chinese mold manufacturers are as follows:

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Cost Effectiveness

One of the most lucrative reasons for choosing a Chinese mold manufacturer is the cost-effectiveness. China has become the global leader in manufacturing due to its low-cost manufacturing model.

The labor cost in China is much lower than the western countries which reduce the manufacturing cost.

Even with an increase in the labor cost recently, the overall manufacturing cost in China is much lower than the western manufacturers.

In addition to the low cost of labor, China also has an ecosystem ensuring availability of skilled workforce and manufacturing infrastructure, which result in a highly cost-effective manufacturing system.

Selecting a Chinese mold manufacturer can significantly reduce the manufacturing cost.


Bulk Production in Less Time

The Chinese plastic molding companies have access to state-of-the-art machinery and highly advanced production capabilities.plastic molding factory manufacturer

In addition to this, they also have a skilled workforce which is much cheaper compared to the western countries. The Chinese manufacturers are not constrained for manufacturing infrastructure.

Due to the abundant availability of the manufacturing infrastructure and cheap and skilled workforce, the Chinese plastic molding manufacturers can produce bulk quantities in short time periods.

If the production has to be scaled up then they can deploy additional workforce which is readily available at a fraction of the cost compared to the western countries.


Skilled Workforce

The Chinese manufacturers don’t only have state-of-the-art machinery and production capabilities, they also have access to the highly skilled workforce. The Chinese manufacturing sector has been long characterized by the huge availability of cheap labor.

However, over time the Chinese workforce has also evolved as one of the most skilled workforces globally in the manufacturing sector.

The workforce is also very well trained in the plastic mold manufacturing domain which makes them very efficient. The skilled workforce is also available in abundance which is very useful if the production has to be scaled up in a short time.

Thus, the Chinese plastic mold manufacturers are reliable for delivering bulk orders in short time periods.


Quality Products

For quite long, the Chinese mold manufacturers have been perceived as low-cost manufacturers who may not be able to meet the product quality of their western counterparts.

However, things have changed significantly and the Chinese mold manufacturers have transformed into manufacturers of high-quality products at significantly lower costs.

The access to a skilled workforce and the evolution of technology has greatly aided the quality of the final products.

The plastic molded products manufactured in China are of high-quality and good plastic molding companies can ensure quality standards on par with western manufacturers.


Production Capabilities

The Chinese mold manufacturers use the latest machinery and possess modern production capabilities. With these modern and highly effective production capabilities, they can produce high-quality products much quicker.

They can complete designing the production mold and share the sample plastic molds with the customers much quicker due to the latest machinery used by them. 

The quicker production also helps to optimize the shipping time to the clients. This modern equipment and advanced production capabilities, help the Chinese mold manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition.

plastic molding factory manufacturer

Faster Prototyping

Due to the access to high-quality manufacturing infrastructure and latest technology, the Chinese plastic molding companies are able to achieve the proof of the results much faster.

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They can prepare and share a prototype with the clients in an average of 3-5 days. This rapid prototyping provides a considerable competitive edge to them over their western counterparts.

They achieve this rapid prototyping using modern and state-of-the-art technologies like CNC prototyping. The faster prototyping leads to the manufacturers to bring their products to life as envisioned and designed in the concept with the clients much faster.


Faster Scaling

The manufacturing infrastructure and the capabilities in China ensure that plastic mold manufacturers can expand their scale of production to meet the client requirements.

The flexibility to change the production scaling is an important benefit offered by the Chinese plastic molding companies.

With faster scaling features, they allow their clients the flexibility to decide a minimum level of production and then they can upscale or downscale the production over the minimum order level based on the client’s requirement which is generally based on the market demand of the product.

This helps them to optimize the production cost as per the product demand.

The scaling process provides flexibility to the clients in deciding the level of production above the minimum order quantity.


Better Expansion Possibilities

Manufacturers in China are not only known for high-quality and low labor cost, but they can take advantage of their geography to cater to the fast-growing Asian markets. Manufacturing in China can help to expand the business in Asian countries.

The emerging markets in Asia offer lots of potential for businesses to expand and grow their business.

If the product is manufactured in China, it will be much easier to ship them across to the nearby growing markets in the Asian countries.

Hence, one of the indirect advantages of working with a plastic molding company in China is the incentive to expand into nearby markets and grow profitability.

plastic molding factory manufacturer

Things to Consider When Choosing Chinese Molding Company

The clients need to evaluate the Chinese molding companies thoroughly on several parameters before selecting them.

There are many considerations to be made when selecting a Chinese molding company. Some of the important considerations are discussed below:


Factory Size

When selecting a plastic mold manufacturer, considering the ideal size is important.

Usually, it is seen that clients prefer larger companies as they are financially and technically sound. They have the best production capabilities and more competent than the smaller manufacturers.

It may not be the best decision to make though. It is important to consider that larger the manufacturer’s size the higher will be the overhead costs and thus the price will not be the most competitive.

The prices of the large-sized manufacturers are generally high and difficult to afford for most buyers.

The clients who do not have bulk orders should not go for selecting large size manufacturers as there will be high chances of the order being neglected and delayed by the manufacturers.

Hence in such a case, despite spending money the clients will be unable to get the products on time which will adversely affect their business.

Selecting mid-sized and small-sized mold manufacturers is the common practice in the industry. The small and mid-sized manufacturers are more price competitive and pay greater attention to meeting the customer specific requirements.

plastic molding factory manufacturer

Client Base and Feedback

When evaluating a Chinese molding company, it is important to check their client base and the satisfaction of the clients. Satisfied clients are an indicator of a good molding company.

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The molding company can be asked to provide the details of their previous clients.

These clients can be contacted to understand their experience of working with the molding company. Generally, the molding companies should be glad to share their past client’s details.

If they are unwilling or reluctant to do so, it may mean that they do not have satisfied clients or are new to the business. Such molding companies should be avoided.


Check Previous Works

After completing the initial due diligence, the clients should check the previous works of the molding company.

This will help them to understand the production capabilities of the company and also check the quality of the products manufactured.

Checking the previous works of the molding company also enables the clients to assess the suitability of the products for them.

Once the previous works have been sampled, the clients can work together with the molding company to make any further changes to the product quality to meet their requirements.


Production Capabilities

The production capabilities of the mold manufacturer should be thoroughly assessed by the clients before awarding the work.

The production capabilities of the mold manufacturer can help the clients assess their suitability for them. The quality of the products manufactured, the ability of the manufacturer to meet the deadlines etc. can be ascertained by a proper assessment of their production capabilities.

The clients should make sure that the manufacturers use latest and state-of-the-art machinery like high-speed milling, five-axis machining center, electric discharge machining, CNC engraving and milling machine, gun drilling etc. The use of modern machinery will ensure faster prototyping and quicker scaling by the manufacturers.


Product Quality

The most vital thing to look out for while working with a Chinese plastic molding company is to assess the quality of their products.

The clients should be careful that they do not select the manufacturer only on the basis of the cost, as the lower cost does not necessarily mean better quality.

The quality of the products manufactured should be carefully examined by the clients and they should assess if it matches their requirements or not.

The different elements of quality control like the use of good quality raw materials, state-of-the-art machinery and production capabilities, highly qualified and skilled workforce, the time is taken for manufacturing, defect ratio, the lead time for shipping etc. should be carefully analyzed before selecting the appropriate plastic mold manufacturer.


How to Work with Chinese Plastic Molding Factory

The Chinese plastic molding industry is one of the largest in the world. There are many good quality plastic molding factories which can deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price to the clients.plastic molding factory manufacturer

The clients need to do a comprehensive due diligence which will help them identify a good factory.

They need to assess the suitability of the manufacturer in terms of the manufacturing infrastructure, production capabilities, availability of qualified and skilled workforce, quality of products produced, existing and past client base, etc.

Once the due diligence is completed, the clients need to monitor the production and delivery schedule along with the quality of the products. This will help them to leverage the full benefits of working with a professional Chinese plastic molding factory.

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