Application of Injection Molding

Injection molding has been gaining ground and is being used for manufacturing a wide variety of products which we use in our daily lives. The process allows manufacturing products in bulk with.

The products are also highly precise and identical which ensure product and brand consistency. The major investment for injection molding is in the product design and designing of the mold after that.

Once these are completed, the manufacturing can start where large quantities of the products are manufactured which brings down the cost of production significantly.

The production time for the products is also very less which is another advantage of the manufacturing system. Some of the most common daily life products like furniture, toys, automotive parts, medical devices etc. are manufactured through injection molding.


Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Mold for Manufacturing Common Products

Plastic injection molding is one of the most efficient processes for manufacturing common daily life products. We may not realize, but most of the plastic products used by us in our daily lives are manufactured using the injection molding process.

There are many advantages of manufacturing products using the injection molding process, some of the most significant benefits of using injection molding for manufacturing common products are discussed below:


Repeatable Process

Injection molding is a very repeatable manufacturing process. Once the product design and mold design has been completed, the injection molding process can produce large quantities of the product in a very short time period.

Injection molding can be used to manufacture products which are completely identical and consistent. The manufactured products are almost error-free and contribute to the brand consistency.bottle cap molding


Fast Production

Injection molding process enables to manufacture the products very fast. The majority of the time and resources are needed for designing the product and the mold.

Once these design aspects are done, the actual manufacturing process can be done quickly in the injection molding process.


Cost Effective

One of the greatest advantages of manufacturing using the injection molding process is its cost-effectiveness. The production is done in very large numbers even in millions which help to reduce the production cost.

The same mold can be used to manufacture the products in bulk, which reduces the per piece cost of manufacturing.


High-Quality Products

The products manufactured from injection molding are strong and durable. These products are made from a single mold so they do not have any joints or weaker parts. They are strong and last for a long time.

Injection molding also allows the flexibility to manufacture with more than one plastic resin as the raw materials. The manufacturer can use a combination of plastics to make the product of high quality.

They can also add fillers during manufacturing to increase the strength and durability of the product. The manufactured products are also lightweight and have excellent resistance to impact, heat, and corrosion.



Common Applications of Injection Molding

Injection molding has many applications in our daily lives. It is commonly used to manufacture products which we use daily like plastic bottles, furniture, toys etc.

The products manufactured from injection molding process are lightweight and durable also. These products are not jointed or welded and are produced in a single mold which ensures their strength and greater impact resistant.bottle cap molding

The injection molding market has been growing steadily and its application is also increasing very fast. Some of the most common applications of the injection molding process in manufacturing products which we use in our daily lives are as follows:


Plastic Bottles

The plastic bottle manufacturing is a very common application of injection molding. Billions of plastic bottles are manufactured annually.

The plastic bottles are mostly manufactured using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as it is a lightweight and strong material. The bottles can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes and are safe for storing and drinking water from.


Plastic Containers

Plastic containers used to store food and non-food items are manufactured by injection molding. The containers can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes.

These plastic containers are safe for storing food and they do not leach any harmful chemicals when they come in contact with the food items.


Plastic Furniture

Injection molding is used for manufacturing the plastic furniture used in our daily lives. Different type of furniture like table, chairs, swings etc. are manufactured by this process.

The manufactured furniture is lightweight and durable and the cost of production is also very less.



Most of the plastic toys in the market are manufactured using the injection molding process. The toys manufactured through this process are lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant.

The toys are manufactured using firmer plastic granules which are heated till they melt and then they are injected into the plastic molds. Once the plastic cools, it takes the shape and details of the molds.

The toys do not have any joints or welds and are manufactured seamless in a single mold, so they are stronger and more durable.



Packaging is the most common application of injection molding. The packaging for food products and other items is manufactured using the injection molding process.

This helps to keep the food fresh for longer and prevents wastage of food. It also protects the product from abrasion, shocks etc. and keeps them safe during transit. The total demand for packaging from the injection molding industry was 43,385 kilotons in 2016.


Medical Devicesbottle cap molding

Medical devices are manufactured through the injection molding process. Manufacturing of medical devices is one of the fastest growing applications of injection molding witnessing an annual compounded growth rate of approximately 6%.

Producing medical devices through this process allows to manufacture lightweight devices and allows more flexibility in designing.

Since the cost of manufacturing is less, the devices can be disposed of instead of sterilizing them and reusing, thereby minimizing the risk of infection and device preparation time.


Automotive Parts

The injection molding process is widely used for the production of automotive parts.

The manufacturing process is well suited for the automotive industry which requires components and parts that are highly precise and consistent.

The automotive parts manufactured using the injection molding process are lightweight which increases the fuel efficiency.

The parts also have good strength and impact resistance which is important for ensuring safety in the automobile.