What is Die Cast Molding

Die-cast molding is a process of manufacturing accurate, sharply defined and consistent metal parts. These produced metal parts can be smooth or textured.

The process allows manufacturing geometrically complex metal parts by using reusable molds which are known as dies. The final manufactured products using this process are also called as die casting.

The process involves the use of a furnace, metal, die casting machine, and dies. The metal used for manufacturing is usually a non-ferrous metal like aluminum or zinc. The metal is melted in the furnace and then injected in the molten form into the dies in the die casting machine.

There are two types of die casting machines used- hot chamber machines and cold chamber machines. The hot chamber machine is used for alloys or metals with low melting temperatures like zinc. The cold chamber machine is used for metals and alloys with high melting temperatures such as aluminum.

The die-cast molding is a very efficient manufacturing process. It helps to manufacture identical and consistently shaped metal parts in large quantities. The process allows the manufacturers to produce metal parts with negligible defects. It is also a highly cost-effective process for manufacturing metal parts.


Advantages of Using Die Cast Molding

The die-cast molding process allows manufacturing complex shaped and consistent metal parts in bulk quantities.

The initial upfront can be heavy but since the dies are reusable, they can be used to manufacture the products even in millions, which reduces the overall cost of manufacturing.

Some of the most important advantages of using the die-cast molding process are as follows:


The die-cast molding process is very efficient. It allows the manufacturers to produce complex shaped metal parts which are identical and consistent.

The process is very replicable and the metal parts produced have negligible defects or errors. Large quantities of metal products can be manufactured with minimal machining under this process.


Durable Products

The metal parts produced by using the die casting molding have high strength and are very durable.

The products manufactured using this process are not welded or joined together but are made from a single mold. This ensures that they are stronger and highly durable.

The products manufactured through the die-cast molding are also dimensionally stable and heat resistant which further adds to their durability.


Cost Effective

The die-cast molding process is very cost-effective. Once the product and the dies have been designed then bulk quantities of the products can be manufactured using the same dies.

The dies and the die casting machine do not need much maintenance and addition inputs hence the products are manufactured in a cost-effective manner.


Flexibility and Customization

The die-cast products can be manufactured in specific finishes. They can be produced in smooth or textured finishes and can be manufactured to have a particular appearance.

Along with the choices in finishing, the die-cast molding process also provides different customization options. The products can be customized in terms of thickness, overall complexity etc.

The process allows the manufacturers to produce simple or complex parts which make it a very popular manufacturing process.


Common Application for Die Cast Molding

The die-cast molding is a very flexible and efficient process for manufacturing metal parts. The process allows for the production of complex metal parts in large numbers in a precision-based and consistent manner.

It is a cost-effective method of manufacturing metal products in bulk. There are many common products manufactured using this process which we use daily. Some of the important products made using die-cast molding are provided below:


Gear Shapes

Bulk quantities of gear shapes are manufactured using a die-cast molding process.

The gears manufactured are usually under 150 mm in diameter and 10-48 mm in diametral pitch. Different types of gears like a spur, helical worm, cluster etc. can be manufactured using this technology.

These gears are used in toys, washing machines, small appliances, hand tools etc.  Using the die-cast molding process, complicated gear shapes can be manufactured in low cost which would otherwise be quite expensive to manufacture using other methods.


Valve Covers

Valve covers or rocker covers are manufactured through die-cast molding. It is a basic automotive part which shields the valve springs and rockers from dust and debris and contains the oil that is flinging around when the engine is running.

They are bolted over rocker arms in an internal combustion engine. These valve covers can be manufactured in bulk using the die-cast molding process.


Transmission Case

The transmission case used in automobiles is manufactured through the die-cast molding process.

The transmission case receives power from the transmission and sends it to both the front and rear axles. This can be done with gears, hydraulics, or chain drives. 

The die-cast molding process allows manufacturing the transmission case in bulk with high precision and consistency.


LED Heat Sink

The LED heat sinks are important as they allow the heat to travel from LED light source to outside elements. It allows the heat to dissipate in three ways- conduction, convection, or radiation. These LED heat sinks are produced using the die-cast molding technology.


How CBPMM can Help

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