What is Electric Parts Molding

Electric parts molding refers to manufacturing of the electrical components and parts using the plastic injection molding technology.

The plastic injection molding technology has transformed the designing and manufacturing of electrical components. These electrical components can be manufactured using high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology in compliance with international quality standards.

The plastic injection molding technology not only helps to manufacture high-quality electrical components, but it also allows manufacturing them very cost-effectively. The technology provides the flexibility of manufacturing electrical components in bulk with a high degree of precision and consistency.Electric Parts Molding

Using the injection molding process, the manufacturers can provide prototypes to their clients in 3-5 days and can also scale the production faster. The use of a high degree of automation and latest production capabilities ensure that the error-free electrical components are manufactured.


Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Mold for Electric Parts Molding

The plastic injection molding technology provides many benefits over other plastic molding technologies. It helps to manufacture precise and high-quality electrical components at highly cost-effective rates.

Some of the most important benefits of using it for electric parts molding are discussed below:



The plastic injection molding is a highly efficient process. It can be used to manufacture a large number of precise and consistent parts with minimal time.

The process can be used to manufacture electrical components and parts with negligible or nil error quicker.

Once the product design and the mold design are completed, the plastic injection molding can manufacture the products very fast. Manufacturing the electrical components in bulk also brings down the cost of manufacturing significantly.


Product Strength

The electrical components and parts manufactured using the plastic injection molding technique have greater tensile strength compared to other manufacturing technologies.

The molten plastic forms a single product with no joints or layers which can weaken the product. In addition, fillers can be added to the injection mold to further strengthen the electrical components produced.


Complex and Better Designs

The plastic injection molding process is popular as it lets the manufacturers produce complex designed components at a very low cost, which would otherwise have been very difficult and costly to manufacture.

When the molten plastic is injected under extremely high pressure in the mold, the plastic covers every part of the mold.

This leads to creating complex and intricate designs with the confidence that it will be replicated easily on the plastic.

Electric Parts Molding


The plastic injection molding technology provides the manufacturers with the flexibility of using more than one type of plastic as the raw material for producing electrical parts.

The technology allows the manufacturers to use more than 2 different type of plastics for manufacturing the products.

The manufacturers can take advantage of this and blend different types of plastics to arrive at the best quality of the product.


Common Application for Electric Parts Molding

The electric parts molding can be used to manufacture a wide range of electrical components and spares. The technology helps to manufacture these components in a cost-effective and high quality oriented manner.

Some of the most common applications of electric parts molding using plastic injection molding techniques are provided below:


Electrical Switches

The electrical switches used for turn on the lights or power other electrical and electronic appliances are made using the plastic injection molding technology.

Using the plastic injection molding, it is possible to manufacture high-quality electrical switches which are lightweight and durable, in bulk quantities with precision and consistency.


Switchgear Assemblies

The plastic injection molding technology is also used for manufacturing reliable and high-quality switchgear assemblies. Switchgear assembly is important to an electrical power system and its role is to control, protect, and isolate the electrical equipment.

These switchgear assemblies provide safe, reliable, and uninterrupted continuity of power supply providing instantaneous switching from the electric grid to the local power generation without interrupting any important functions.


Staked and Molded Assemblies

Plastic injection molding is used to manufacture staked and molded assemblies.

The process can be used to manufacture multi-piece staked metal assemblies or over-molded plastic-metal assemblies. The manufacturing can be done up to the level specified by the customers.


Complex Assemblies

Complex assemblies are manufactured using plastic injection molding technology. The complex assembly uses integrated components which consist of both fabricated and commercial.


Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

The plastic injection molding process is used to manufacture the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB).

The MCB protects the electrical circuit from an overcurrent that may affect it from short circuit, overload, or imperfect design.

It is an important electrical item as it gives better operational protection and is handy to protect electrical circuits and appliances.

Electric Parts Molding

Bulb Socket Holders

The bulb socket holders are manufactured using the plastic injection molding technology. The bulb socket holders manufactured through this process are more reliable and durable which last a long time.


Rivet Contacts

The rivet contacts which are made of silver, silver alloy, metal oxide etc. using the plastic injection molding technology.

These rivet contacts can be manufactured using high-grade inputs and the latest molding technology in various specifications to meet the requirements of the customers.

These rivets are generally produced for mid to high volume requirements for heavy-duty applications.


How CBPMM can Help

CBPMM has rich experience and expertise for manufacturing electrical components using plastic injection molding technology.

It has the best in the class machinery and production capabilities for manufacturing such components. With the latest machinery and a highly qualified and skilled workforce at its disposal, CBPMM can manufacture electrical components on a mass scale with short manufacturing time.

We value ourselves on understanding and meeting the requirements of the customers in the plastic injection molding industry.

CBPMM is the one-stop service provider for manufacturing of high-quality electrical components and parts using plastic injection molding technology.plastic molding factory manufacturer

We have expertise in manufacturing quality components and delivering them to the customers in the shortest lead time.

Our technical team and the engineers work in close coordination with the customers using the latest production technologies like robotics, video inspection etc. to ensure that the products are manufactured in compliance with the customer’s requirement.

In addition to manufacturing and selling plastic molded electrical equipment, we also provide comprehensive and prompt after-sales service to our valued customers.