What is Motorcycle Molding

Motorcycle molding is the process of manufacturing the parts and components of a motorcycle through the injection molding process. The motorcycle molding process uses injection molding technology to quickly and efficiently manufacture structural plastic parts of the motorcycle in a cost-effective manner.

Most of the parts of a motorcycle are manufactured using the motorcycle molding process. Components like backlight, seat base, headlight, head and filter pump, carburetor, and other plastic parts are manufactured using the motorcycle molding process.

The process allows manufacturing the different parts in bulk quantities and with a high degree of precision. Since the production is done in bulk, the cost per part is very less which makes the entire manufacturing process highly cost-effective. The motorcycle molding process makes the overall motorcycle lightweight which increases the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle parts can be manufactured in much lesser time using the motorcycle molding process. Most of the parts can be manufactured in minutes.

The injection molding technology has also become very efficient and eco-friendly also. The production process produces very less plastic scrap and also consumes much lesser energy for production compared to the older machines. Hence, the resultant products will have a much lower carbon footprint.


Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Mold for Motorcycle Molding

The plastic injection mold process is one of the best technologies to manufacture durable and high-quality motorcycle parts and components.

There are several advantages of using the technology for the manufacturing of motorcycle parts. Some of the major advantages are as follows:


High Reliability

Manufacturing the various motorcycle parts using the injection molding process is very efficient and replicable. The manufacturing process is very reliable which can be used to manufacture the parts in large quantities.

It is the best production method to manufacture products which are precise, identical, and consistent. The high replicability is a very useful feature of the production technology as it ensures consistency in products and brand consistency.

Since the products are consistent the plastic injection molding is an almost error-free manufacturing process.


Durable Products

The motorcycle parts manufactured using the plastic injection molding process are of high quality. The products manufactured have a high tensile strength and are very durable.

In addition to this, the process allows the flexibility to add fillers during manufacturing which further enhances the product strength.

The manufacturer can decide the degree of rigidity and strength of the product based on its application.


Cost Effective

Manufacturing plastic products using plastic injection molding technology is very cost-effective. The major cost is incurred upfront in product designing and mold designing.

Once the designing of the product and the mold is completed, the products can be manufactured in large quantities which bring down the total manufacturing cost considerably.


Flexibility in Use of Raw Materials

A distinct advantage of motorcycle molding is that it allows manufacturing plastic products using more than one type of plastic resin. The manufacturers can use a combination of plastics for manufacturing the motorcycle products.

This allows them to choose the best combination of plastics which will result in better product quality based on the intended application of the product.

They can also choose a wide variety of patterns for manufacturing plastic products.


Common Application for Motorcycle Molding

Motorcycle molding has become immensely popular. It is a highly efficient process of manufacturing different parts of a motorcycle using the injection molding process.

The process is ideal for manufacturing bulk quantities of different motorcycle parts. This is a very cost-effective manufacturing process and the manufactured products are also lightweight and very durable.

Since the products are lightweight it reduces the total weight of the motorcycle which improves the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.

Some of the most common motorcycle parts which are manufactured using the injection molding process are discussed below:



The plastic components of the speedometer are manufactured by the injection molding technology. The latest speedometers are completely made from plastics.

The case of the speedometer’s main assembly is generally made from nylon; however, some manufacturers also manufacture it by using the water-resistant polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).

The glass display of the speedometer is generally manufactured from transparent polycarbonate which is a strong and flexible plastic and is also resistant to heat, moisture, and impact.


Automotive Lighting

The casing for the headlight, taillight, side markers etc. in motorcycles are produced through the injection molding process.

These light cases can be manufactured using a combination of plastics which provides better quality and durability. The light cases are lightweight and durable and resistant to impact which ensures its longevity.


Seat Base

The motorcycle seat base is manufactured using the injection molding process. The seat base is made of plastic and the seat is mounted on it.

The seat base made by the injection molding process is strong and durable.

The seat base not only provides a stable skeleton structure for the seat, due to its strength and durability, it also absorbs the vibrations and makes the ride comfortable for the riders.



The mudguard of a motorcycle is useful for stopping the mud, water, and other objects from coming to the vehicle and the rider. It also serves to protect the engine from the mud.

The mudguard needs to be durable and strong which is achieved by manufacturing it from the injection molding process. The mudguard is generally manufactured from polyethylene which is a strong and flexible plastic polymer.


Dash Board

The dashboard or the instrument panel of the motorcycle which houses the speedometer, fuel gauge etc. is manufactured using the injection molding technology.

The dashboard needs to be sturdy and durable and injection molding process helps to manufacture strong dashboards.

The dashboard not only provides stability to the motorcycle, but it also provides the riders access to controls and instruments which is important for any motorcycle.



The windshield of the motorcycle is also manufactured by the injection molding process. The windshield not only protects the rider from strong winds but it provides aerodynamic leverage at high speeds.

The windshield’s primary function is to deflect the wind directed towards and hitting the chest of the rider, as the chest forms one of the biggest wind barriers while riding a motorcycle.

The windshield manufactured by this process is lightweight and very durable.