What is Electric Parts Molding

The use of pipe fitting molding is becoming increasingly popular for manufacturing high-quality pipes and fittings. The process enables to produce pipes and fittings in large quantities.

The products manufactured are highly precise, identical, and consistent which is very important for pipes and fittings.pipe fitting molding

The cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing process provides the manufacturers with a competitive edge. The production system is very reliable and efficient for mass production.

Injection molding is also an eco-friendly manufacturing process as it produces very less scrap plastic during production.


Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Mold for Pipe Fitting Molding

The injection molding process is widely used for manufacturing pipes and fittings.

The injection molding process provides many advantages of manufacturing products over other production methods.

Some of the most important advantages provided by injection molding for manufacturing pipes and fittings are as follows:



The plastic injection molding process is highly efficient. The process is suitable for manufacturing products in bulk quantities which are very precise and consistent.

Using this process, it is possible to manufacture products in a very short time.

The process is very repeatable and does not require any additional inputs in the manufacturing phase. The production process is highly automated and the products manufactured are almost error-free.

The injection molding process is ideal for bulk production of precise products.


Quality Products

The pipes and fittings manufactured using the injection molding technique have greater tensile strength compared to other manufacturing technologies.

The molten plastic forms a single product with no joints or layers which can weaken the product. In addition, fillers can be added to the injection mold to further strengthen the electrical components produced.


Cost Effectiveness

One of the most significant benefits of using injection molding for manufacturing products is the cost-effectiveness of the production process.pipe fitting molding

The bulk of the resources and investment is needed for designing the product and the production mold.

Once the product and molds have been designed, the manufacturing of products can be done in bulk quantities reusing the same production mold.

This brings down the overall cost of production and makes the manufacturing process highly cost-effective.



The plastic injection molding technology provides the manufacturers with the flexibility of using more than one type of plastic as the raw material for producing electrical parts.

The technology allows the manufacturers to use more than 2 different type of plastics for manufacturing the products.

The manufacturers can take advantage of this and blend different types of plastics to arrive at the best quality of the product.


Common Application for Pipe Fitting Molding

Pipe fitting molding is commonly used for manufacturing different types of pipes and fittings. The pipes are mostly manufactured using an injection molding process.

The products manufactured using this process are lightweight and durable.

The lightweight feature makes them easy to use and install in most conditions. Some of the most common applications of pipe fitting molding are discussed below:


Solid Wall Pipes

The solid wall pipes provide ease of construction and hydraulic efficiency. These pipes are manufactured from injection molding process using PVC.pipe fitting molding

The solid wall pipes are used for various applications for non-pressure drainage of sewer and surface water, where features like toughness, dimensional stability, and reliable joints are needed.

These pipes are durable and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Solid wall pipes are commonly used for building durable drainage and sewer systems, such as sanitary sewers, house service, and lateral pipes, roadway, and underway drains.

They have a smoother interior which provides superior hydraulics, ideal for small diameter gravity-flow pipes.


Structured Wall Pipes

The structured wall pipes have an optimized design with respect to the material used to meet the physical, mechanical, and performance requirements. The injection molding process is used for manufacturing of the structured wall pipes.

Structured wall pipes are ideal for use in private drains and public sewers up to depths of 10-meters. These pipes are ideal for various other piping solutions also.

The pipes are lightweight and easy to install even in the most challenging conditions. The structure wall pipes manufactured using the injection molding process are very strong and last for a long time.

They are impact and corrosion resistant and can last for more than 50 years when used under specified design and installation parameters.


Barrier Pipe

Barrier pipe is a pipe incorporating a flexible metallic layer as the middle of the three bonded layers. Barrier pipe is used to protect the contents passing through the pipe, mostly drinking water, from chemicals and other pollutants.pipe fitting molding

The pipe is used generally in domestic heating systems also. It is manufactured from a barrier which prevents oxygen from entering the material and water system, thereby reducing the risk of corrosion.

The barrier pipe is made from a resin bonded material which is bonded between the outer and inner layer of the pipe. The pipe is made through the injection molding process mostly by using polyethylene or polybutylene.



Jointers are manufactured by plastic injection. They are used for connecting pipes in a wide variety of ways to form reliable and leak-free pipe systems.

Different types of jointer include couplers, TEE, elbows 900-450, crosses, sockets etc. The jointers can be connected with the pipes by a push fit joint using a rubber seal or by a cement solvent system or welding.

Jointers are very helpful in joining together pipes and creating an efficient network of the pipe system. Straight pipes are mostly connected by pushing the plain end of one pipe into the socketed end of the other pipe.


PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are made from the injection molding process. The pipes are lightweight and very durable. They also impact resistant and highly corrosion resistant.

Due to it being extremely lightweight, it is very easy to install. The pipe is made from rigid PVC compound and is resistant to cracks and fractures which is an important advantage of using PVC pipes.pipe fitting molding

Compared to the metal pipes, the PVC pipes provide a smoother wall surface which significantly reduces the fluid friction and resistance to the flow of contents.

This feature results in improved performance over the life cycle of the PVC pipes and reduces the maintenance costs too.