What is Plastic Cap Molding

Plastic cap molding is the technology being used commonly for mass production of different types of bottle caps. The technology helps to manufacture highly precise, identical, and consistent bottle caps.

The manufacturing process is very efficient and cost-effective. Injection molding process for manufacturing of plastic caps is also eco-friendly and sustainable.pipe fitting molding


Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Mold for Plastic Cap Molding

Plastic caps are being manufactured using injection molding technology.

The injection molding process provides many advantages of manufacturing products over other production methods. Some of the most important advantages provided by injection molding for manufacturing plastic caps are as follows:



The plastic cap molding is a very efficient manufacturing process. Large quantities of bottle caps can be manufactured by this process.

The products manufactured using this process are highly precision-based, identical, and consistent. The products can be manufactured in very less time which further adds to the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Injection molding process enables to manufacture automotive parts with almost zero error rates. The production process is highly automated and can be easily controlled by one controller without much addition inputs which enhances the production efficiency.


Quality Products

The bottle caps manufactured using the injection molding technique have greater tensile strength compared to other manufacturing technologies.bottle cap molding

The molten plastic forms a single product with no joints or layers which can weaken the product. In addition, fillers can be added to the injection mold to further strengthen the electrical components produced.


Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is a major advantage of using the injection molding process. It allows for the manufacturing of large quantities of products by reusing the same mold many times which reduces the cost.

Once the product and the mold have been designed, the production process does not require any major additional input or costs.

As the production is done in large quantities even in millions, the cost per part is very less which offers a competitive advantage to the manufacturers.



The plastic injection molding technology provides the manufacturers with the flexibility of using more than one type of plastic as the raw material for producing plastic caps.

The technology allows the manufacturers to use more than 2 different type of plastics for manufacturing the products. The manufacturers can assess the best combination of raw materials which can be used for producing the best quality of plastic bottle caps depending on their intended use.bottle cap molding


Common Application for Plastic Cap Molding

Plastic cap molding is being widely used for manufacturing of different types of bottle caps. The process is used to produce caps for different industries and applications.

The caps can be manufactured in bulk quantities and they are very precise and consistent.

The injection molding process also ensures a very cost-effective manufacturing which provides a competitive edge to the manufacturers.

There are many bottle caps which are manufactured using the injection molding process, some of which are discussed below:


Ribbed Caps

Ribbed caps that are used as the basic closure caps in packaging business are manufactured by a plastic molding process. They are ideal for general-purpose closure.

They provide secure fixing and allow each cap to fit a wider range of sizes. The ribbed cap is a threaded closure with an uninterrupted spiral mechanism.

This provides the flexibility to conveniently seal and reseal the container. The ribbed design is ergonomic and provides good grip for opening and closing the cap on the container.

The top of the ribbed caps is flat which can be used for labeling. Foam liners are used in most ribbed caps when the chemical resistance or low moisture transmission is important.bottle cap molding

The foam liners also protect from odor transmission and do not impact the taste of food products in the container.


Dispensing Caps

Dispensing caps are made from the injection molding process. They are used for containers having liquid products and allows for controlled dispensing and re-closure to ensure a proper seal.

The flip-spout style dispensing caps are used in combination with squeezable plastic containers. The small closure ensures precise dispensing and the cap can be handled with one hand which makes it user-friendly.

The product, however, remains open and exposed in the closure passage and hence flip-spout dispensing caps are not suitable for food items. Another form of dispensing cap is the disc top dispensing cap.

They are most commonly used for personal care and cosmetic products. It has a wider opening and is ideal for dispensing thicker liquids like shampoos, lotion creams, shower gels etc.

The plug-orifice dispensing cap has a top cover over a small dispensing orifice. A plug is inserted to the opening for closing it every time, which provides a barrier between the product and external environment.pipe fitting molding

These dispensing caps are mostly used for food items and cosmetic products. Pressure sensitive liners are also added to the caps for ensuring better sealing.


Sprayer and Pumps

Sprayers and pumps are manufactured by the injection molding process. Sprayers and pumps are ideal for spraying liquids of high volume and low viscosity.

The pumps can be used on different containers but are mostly used on the sprayers. The sprayers have a wide application and can be used for cleaning purposes, gardening, agricultural purposes etc.


Phenolic Caps

Phenolic caps are used as a premier closure in the packaging business. They are known for their heat-resistance, temperature tolerant abilities, and very high chemical resistance.

The phenolic caps are mostly used in the pharmaceutical sector and used to contain chemicals, aggressive products, and essential oils. Due to the presence of threaded closure and uninterrupted spiral mechanism, the phenolic caps allow the users to easily seal and reseal the container.bottle cap molding

The phenolic caps manufactured by injection molding are lightweight and very durable. The caps are autoclavable and compatible with both plastic and glass containers. These caps, due to their properties are premium priced products.


Dropper Caps

Dropper caps feature a glass or plastic tube with a rubber squeeze top. They are screwed with glass or plastic bottles and are used for dispensing low viscosity liquids in small quantities.

These are mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging products which need to be controlled dispensed in very small quantity. The dropper caps are manufactured from injection molding technology and are designed in a manner to fit small bottles.