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Injection Mold Design Of Gates – Do You Like Your Cell Phone?

Every injection mold has to have a gate, or an opening through which the molten plastic is injected into the cavity of the mold. The type and size of gate plays a very significant role in the process of injection molding and must not be overlooked. In the custom injection molding business, margins are extremely…

A Beginner's Guide to Injection Molding

Every day, in almost every aspect of your life, you'll find products which have been produced using injection molding. Be it a plastic coffee lid or a door handle, injection molding has been used to create everything from the mundane to the spectacular. Indeed, you've often come across dozens of objects which were produced by…

5 Benefits of Plastic Injection Mold Technology

Plastic injection mold is a fast and efficient method for creating a wide range of plastic parts and components. It is one of the most common choices for producing plastic parts because of its ease of use and reliable performance. Here are five of the benefits of using an injection mold for producing high-quality parts:…

Making Plastic – Plastic Injection Moulding

Ever wondered how plastic is moulded into the exceptionally useful things that we employ in our daily life? Is it as simple as melting plastic and lathering the sides of a mould with it and cooling it, much like chocolate? The answer, actually, is no. Moulding plastic is a little more complex than that. Plastic…

Reasons to Use the Injection Molding Technique

Primarily, injection molding is a manufacturing process. In this process, molten material is injected into a special mold. Usually, this technique is ideal if you want to fabricate plastic parts. You can do the molding irrespective of the size, complexity or application of the final product. This process is really simple as the plastic is…

Injection Molding-How Plastic is Molded

Plastic has, quite literally, become the cornerstone of our society. We make so many things from plastic that it is hard to imagine what our lives would be like if it was never invented. With so many of our everyday products being made of plastic, it is easy to understand why plastic injection molding is…

Injection Molding Explained

Injection molding is an extremely versatile method of producing products. It is one of the preferred methods for manufacturing parts because it has multiple advantages over other methods of parts molding. This manufacturing method is typically the preferred option for casting individual, thin-walled plastic parts. Almost any plastic part or component can be done efficiently…

Plastic Injection Molding A New Industry

When it comes to excelling in the manufacturing industry, you need to be able to keep up with all of the current trends. When it comes to ideals, such as localism and working with companies in your own neck of the woods, you must understand that the rules of game are changing. We are talking…

Why to Use the Injection Molding Technique

Injection molding is a type of manufacturing process used to inject molten material. This molten material can be injected into any mold. It is also widely used for the fabrication purposes of the plastic parts. No matter what the size, application and complexity of the product, the molding can be carried out with full precision….

Smart Manufacturing in Plastic Injection Molding

Smart Manufacturing is talked about quite a bit. It goes by other names, too, like the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), and Industry 4.0. The term IoT was first coined by Peter T. Lewis in 1985 to describe “the integration of people, processes, and technology with connectable devices and sensors to enable remote…

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